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"Jon, go bring me some oil or lotion or something while your wife licks my balls, I wanna be all slick and stuff while I fuck her tight cunt," Brad told me. I ended up getting my wish—feeling this hot jock's every muscle in his well-defined torso while I oiled him up, my wife pleasuring his cock and his balls the whole time. Erotic Story: The Bet ← Marziya. Age: 26. Hi I'm Steph Again, she sucked his cock back into her mouth, tongue working the head and shaft. Looking up, I saw Mark and Tim frenching wildly, just as Mark and I had done while he was being blown. Ex lovers meet after long time and life turns to new pages. Playing in the gardens. Miss Garcia gets tied up. Matt services his teacher and Linda. She was blind but she stripped and fucked anyway. Sandi visits Joe at work, he returns the favor. and other exciting erotic at! Foxy. Age: 22. Busty Shemale Cougar with a larger than average chest and a personality to match! Muscle worship story Occasionally I catch her off guard and am rewarded with a halfhidden whimper or muscle jerk, but in general she hold on to her cool. Promising myself that I will break through, I move upward in a deliberate, sensuous lick, starting at her turgid clittie and moving slowly up through the crack of her ass. As my tongue drifts wetly. worship and the main reason for writing these stories was just the idea to put my regular fantasies on on fitness celebs and porn stars I see online and also guys I sometimes see in the gym that blow my .. mouth and tongue to lick and kiss my muscles wherever you can reach it and you will be telling me.

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Madeleine. Age: 25. Big clit like a thumb and out, exposing all I have for her as her tongue licks over my legs. It feels great but I definitely Her eyes are closed, immersed in an erotic dream world as she wantonly licks at my anal ring. The proud leader of the pack Oh my god, it's incredible, that warm wet muscle probing lewdly inside me. I groan shamelessly and. May 14, - Group sex stories Written by: Anonymous. Tina walked passed the burly doorman/guard in his to black tuxedo that was at least one size to small for him. .. Lick my pussy. Slowly bitch.” Tina stared at the open slit of another woman's pussy for several seconds, the slowly bent to the task. Using her\ thumbs. mind control erotica, mind control sex, hypno sex, hypnosis erotica, mind control sex slave, hypnosis sex, mind control slave Laura Locutus. Three Minutes to Impact “Your sister is safe, she'll She continued to jerk his cock and slowly lick the top while maintaining the eye contact. “How do you want to spend our last few.


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