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May 12, - Then the sperm gets into the stomach and gets broken down by the stomach acid and enzymes. If the person who's sperm he swallows have an STI, the guy might also get an infection in the mouth or throat. Bacteria and virus don't care which way they What if a boy sucks a penis and swallows sperm? 4 Ways You Can (and Can’t) Get Pregnant « Women’s Health Klaudia. Age: 22. my name is Sophia and I am independent companion based in Prague Carroll , Rachel C. fyou have a bunch of girls in your brood and you're trying one last time to have a boy, you've likely heard a lot of urban myths about how to increase your chances of having a boy. Before we even look at the studies, just remember that the sex of your baby is determined solely by the sperm. If the sperm has a Y chromosome. Aurora. Age: 23. Hello gentelmen) What happens if you eat your own sperm? Feb 18, - Ejaculate. Cum. Boner milk. Whatever you're calling it these days. Which is great news because any guy doing that is probably having sex all the time and needs to be propagating the species. So, there's no reason to swallow or get a facial other than it's really, really, really, really (really) hot. 4. Eating a. Semen that does not have any germs in it (see below) is not harmful if it is swallowed, for example after a person has had oral sex with a man and the man ejaculates . people of Papua New Guinea it is believed that to become sexually mature men, young boys must perform oral sex on older men and swallow their semen.

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Eve. Age: 19. I love doing it coz it is a wonderful feeling that no one can give the proper explanation The people in these tribes believe that the essential purpose of pederastic contacts is to supply sperm. Sperm nourishes the still “female” body of the boy which now must be transformed into the body of an adult warrior. Originally the boy's body was made from the mother's body fluids: during pregnancy from her blood and. She said that if I give a guy a blow job and swallow, eventually the protein from his sperm will mix with mine and cause an infection in my balls. Is that true? Thanks for your question it sounds like you're in a confusing situation, but I'll do what I can to help you understand your risks. First, it sounds like your female co-worker. Find out what our expert has to say about whether it's safe to swallow semen when you're pregnant.


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